Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Thousands Of Young Music Fans Gather For Leeds And Reading Festivals - And It Shouldn't Be Too Muddy

  • Around 200,000 revelers, mostly teenagers, went to Reading and Leeds festival for three days this weekend
  •       despite the rain in Leeds today, the site looks like it will be dry. The reading will also bask in the sun, forecasters say
  •       Reading is the oldest festival in the world of music, launched in 1961 organizers created a second front in Leeds in 1999
Thousands of music fans have started their pilgrimage to Reading and Leeds for two of the major highlights in the festival calendar issues.

The vast majority of the 100,000 revelers each site are in their teens, with many days celebrating GCSE results today.

And it seems that your celebrations will not be dampened as both festivals look set to dodge the rain.

Despite the rains this week, Leeds looks set to stay dry until next week, and Reading also enjoy the sun, forecasters say.

Hunters in hand: These dressed in classic reading festival girls uniform with shorts and Hunter wellies in case of rain - but it seems to be dry and sunny

Pilgrimage: annual rock festival Reading - the oldest in the world - has become a ritual for adolescents following a level and GCSE results, released this week

Equipped: 200 miles northeast of Richfield Avenue Reading, these girls had to walk Bramham, near Wetherby, for the twin festival in Leeds

Annual Festival of Reading rock - the oldest world - opened its doors at 8 am today, with revelers pour into buses, coaches and trains that carry camping equipment - trucks and beer.

It was an identical scene 200 miles north east, with festival goers loading your bags in shopping carts as feed to the farm in Bramham, near Wetherby.

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