Tuesday, 22 April 2014

South Korea Pop Dance Group Performs To Classical Music

The B -Classic Music Festival Belgium produced the video composer Antonín Leopold Dvorák Symphony No. 9, “published in 1893.

Festival aims to expose modern audiences for classical music.

This is not a music video in the classic sense. But it works for classical music.

A classical music festival Belgium is encouraging new ways of promoting classical music and produced their own video of five beautiful young women in cheerleading outfits and short shorts.

Members of the dance group from South Korea “Waveya “make a variety of suggestive movements were probably not what the composer Antonín Leopold Dvorák had in mind how his “Symphony No. 9 " would be honored one day.

But the B - Classic Music Festival is inspiring new audiences to hear the power of this music and give the same recognition as the most popular pop or other modern forms of music.

At the end of the video is a note to educate the public about the fact that "only three minutes listened to classical music.”

“Classical music is not static or serious," the group said on its website.

The first music festival is an ode to the Czech composer; the group says was a superstar in his day when he finished the symphony in 1893.

“Wherever he went, the atmosphere changed and people would be ecstatic. When his symphony orchestras directors and everyone got published," said the group. “The great composers as Dvorak did write their music for everyone. Their goal was to give people a break, going to escape reality and to move them. "

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